“I believe that our currency experts are amongst the hardest working and most dedicated in the industry. This is why we consistently deliver value to all of our clients, even in a volatile currency market”

– Oliver Carson, Universal Partners FX Founder & Director –

Ever since the start, Universal Partners FX has been built around people. Founded by Oliver Carson and Dhaval Patel, there has always been a strong culture of hard work with the belief that nothing is more demanding than keeping tabs on an increasingly unpredictable currency market. Investment in people is the key to success in an industry where not only knowledge and expertise are key, but also relationships and trust.

Highly-trained experts

Understanding currency can be complex, but with our industry-leading training programme we ensure our staff have all the tools required to ensure clients end up in safe hands. Training is offered on a daily basis to help our dealers understand currency trends and how fluctuations occur. All of this is designed so that those who work with us not only get a currency broker, but an extension of your finance team in the form of a currency specialist.

Our Pillars

Behind everything we do we make sure all staff adhere to the standards that make us who we are.
As exchange rates change by the second, hard work is fundamental in providing the ultimate service to the client. Our experts engage in daily currency briefings, are expected to track the markets and to keep watch for any indications of future market movements. This requires going above and beyond at times, always putting in the hard work that makes us an asset to any business.
With so much to understand about how the currency markets work, in-depth training is required to fully grasp what impacts currency movements and why. Training is not enough on its own, with years of experience required on top of this to enable our team to become experts. In the age of Brexit and COVID-19, it is hard to be prepared for all eventualities, but we ensure our staff always have high standards no matter the circumstances.
We have transferred billions on behalf of our clients and when this amount of money is involved trust is fundamental. Our FCA regulation ensures security, but we place huge importance on building relationships with our clients. This is because we want to retain business, but also create peace of mind for those using our services. We want to be seen as almost as an extension of their business rather than an external resource.
With new technology, we understand that on top of everything else, speed is important. We have an industry-leading platform which links with SWIFT payments system ensuring that international transfers arrive the same business day where possible.
With no hidden fees or transaction charges, there is never any need to worry about the true cost of your international transfers. Our experts ensure that exchange rates are explicitly agreed and will provide transaction confirmations during every trade. With rates moving all the time, we understand clear communication is important. Our online platform also provides round the clock access to payment history, beneficiary details and transaction details.

See what our customers say

Geoffrey's service is just what our charity needed, everything was explained clearly and I feel like our best interests are at the forefront of the service provided. As a charity, getting the best rate is important to us and Geoffrey, and the whole UPFX team have stuck by there word every time. I would definitely recommend to other charities and businesses
Trusted Customer
7 days ago
Couldn't recommend them more. Excellent service and excellent rates.
a month ago
I’ve been using Universal Partners for the last 6 months. I always receive amazing service and will only use them going forward.
Trusted Customer
2 months ago
Hi have been using UPFX now for over 2 years. The reason I use them is because they offer good rates and an amazing service. My contact there is Francesca Antino, who is absolutely fabulous and a real asset to the company. I know I’m not anywhere near the size of her other clients but truly feel like I am treated as well. I would definitely recommend them.
2 months ago
Universal partners always offer a great service. Very good at quickly actioning trades and providing any information I request promptly. Friendly and reliable.
Bethany Searchfield
3 months ago
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