How It Works

At Universal Partners FX our key objective is to save you time and money, whilst delivering bank transfer security and fail-safe communication, meeting all your international business banking needs. Completing a transaction with us couldn't be simpler!


Register your account with us

Register via one of the links above and submit your details to us. Universal Partners treats all personal data with the strictest confidence.


Lock in your exchange rate

Once your account has been authorised and you are ready to trade, simply call your personal account executive on their direct line and they will quote you our best international money exchange rates directly from our dealing floor.


Send us your money and provide beneficiary details

As soon as you have agreed an exchange rate you will receive an automated trade confirmation informing you of the exact amount and where to. All you need to do is send your funds to us and provide beneficiary details.


We send your payment

Our online currency broker will take care of the rest – we’ll ensure your funds are sent via swift faster payment on the same working day.


Regulated Currency Services

Universal Partners FX is a trading name of The Currency Cloud Limited. The Currency Cloud Limited is regulated and Authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority Registration Number 900199). The FCA oversees the operation of more than 50,000 UK firms that deliver online currency exchange services to worldwide customers.

Segregated Bank Accounts

Having a segregated client bank account means that your funds are kept safe and secure during every stage of the process, giving you 100% bank transfer security and peace of mind.

Risk Management



A spot currency transaction allows you to take advantage of an exchange rate at any given time, or up to 10 days in advance. You would then provide us beneficiary details for us to send to any bank account around the world.

A forward contract allows you to lock in a rate today for transfers in the future. The benefit of a forward contact can be anything from removing the risk of adverse market movements, to simply locking in a comfortable exchange rate.



Market Orders

Market Orders

If you think market conditions might improve, and you have time until your next transfer, then we can help you target a particular rate of exchange

A stop/loss order enables you to establish a safety net to minimise losses

Stop Loss

Stop Loss

Money Transfer Example

Whether you’re transferring money to Spain, Saudi Arabia or the USA, we offer only the very best currency transfer rates and a loyal, trustworthy customer service giving you 100% assurance. By comparing figures below you’ll see exactly how Universal Partners FX can save you a whole lot of money on every transfer.

You import furniture from China to the UK and pay your suppliers:


Per Annum

Your banks exchange rate:

£1 = $1.28

Universal Partners institutional exchange rate:

£1 = $1.34

What this means for your company:
You currently pay


Universal Partners client's pay


Using Universal Partners could add up to £15,000 to your company’s bottom line profits per month, which is £180,000 over a year.

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