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buying property abroad
During the process of buying a property abroad, you will be required to transfer large amounts of money internationally. You may also need to make multiple transfers. A volatile market can make this process a complex one – impacting your ability to maintain the value of your money when exchanging it into foreign currencies. It’s easy to lose money unwittingly, but we guide you, keeping your money safe.

How do we do this?:
  • Thorough market analysis
  • With technology that enables high-capacity and high-volume transfers
  • Access to the best exchange rates
  • A simple user-interface on our online payment platform.
Our goal is to ensure the value of your transfers prospers in a rapidly fluctuating currency market. We operate with no hidden fees or extra costs, making multiple international payments more cost-effective, offering the best value for money. Not only this, but our comprehensive hedging strategies provide you with a level of financial stability that is invaluable.
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What we can offer you:

120 countries

Spot Transactions in
over 120 countries

This allows you to take advantage of the prevailing exchange rate at any given time when buying a property overseas. It is then your choice to deliver the funds to a beneficiary according to your invoice.
Target a Rate

Target a Rate

By using our simple online tools you can get free alerts if the exchange rate moves to where you want it.
Transaction Fees

No Transaction Fees

We offer great exchange rates and absolutely no transfer fees, so you’ll always know exactly how much you are paying when buying a property abroad.
online Payment

Online Payment

Access your international payments account 24/7 for swift international transfers.
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