Forecast your profits with the certainty of a forward exchange contract

A forward exchange contract is an arrangement that you make to purchase currency at a fixed rate on a future date. This enables you to take advantage of a more favourable present rate for any future trades. A currency forward contract with Universal Partners FX may require a deposit and can secure a rate for up to two years.
Guaranteed rates

Guaranteed rates

Do business with confidence knowing your rate is fixed with our forward currency contracts, regardless of any market volatility between the time the rate is agreed and when we deliver your currency.
Accurate forecasting

Accurate forecasting

Plan ahead, maintaining excellent exchange rates for your future payments, so you can budget accurately and forecast expenses with certainty.
Flexible delivery

Flexible delivery

We tailor every forward contract, giving you the flexibility to draw down on funds or extend expiry dates depending on your needs.
Increased control

Increased control

Forward contracts are available in all major currencies and can secure rates for up to two years in the future.
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Our four-step guide to securing profit

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Discuss with your qualified account manager your future exposure to the currency market by reviewing the size and frequency of your overseas transactions.
Secure your exchange rate


Review your future objectives and we will tailor-make a unique risk management strategy which can include a forward currency contract to suit your business requirements.
Send your payment


Finalise your risk management strategy ensuring it meets your business objectives and is set above cost prices.
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We will help you execute your plan by keeping you up to date with the latest market insights and regular performance evaluations.
Keep your costs under control with a currency forward contract from Universal Partners FX