The pound was lower on Wednesday after investors became less confident about an earlier rate hike by the Bank of England, which is now likely to be delayed due to weak economic data. A weak US dollar and a stronger risk sentiment following news that Evergrande would repay a yuan-denominated bond on Thursday have not helped to support the pound.

Risks for the pound

The main event for the pound this week is Thursday’s Bank of England decision, and investors seem to have moved from expecting a hawkish BoE to grasping the fact that an interest rate hike is now more than six-months away due to the release of disappointing economic data. The currency market is expecting at least two rate hikes by the end of 2022, but now such expectations are considered too optimistic. With the market pricing the fact of an earlier interest rate for some time now, the realisation that the tables have turned, and a rate hike might take a while longer, means that the pound could react by falling. Sterling could find support if the BoE clarifies its timeline for raising rates starting early next year, but this is unlikely, analysts have noted. The Bank’s expectations will also be shaped by the health of the labour market, especially after the furlough scheme is completed at the end of this month, and analysts expect unemployment to rise. The BoE will also take into account disappointing data for July, retail sales’ numbers in August, and high inflation.

The pound was also weaker against the euro as investors are waiting to hear form the Federal Reserve any hints on the direction it will take for its future policy, including whether it will start tapering its bond buying by November.

Factors that could support the pound

The possibility of Britain joining the North American free trade deal, an idea that has been shared by media, could boost UK-US trade and help offer support to Sterling. As a UK government figure said, the UK is interested in pursuing this option but “The ball is in the US’s court. It takes two to tango.”

The trade partnership between the US, Canada and Mexico, is now a possibility after Boris Johnson failed to secure a bilateral deal with Washington. It appears that a direct free trade agreement (FTA) with the UK is not something that the president Joe Biden will be interested in pursuing and the Prime Minister said that Biden “has a lot of other fish to fry.”

The UK government’s interest in joining the North American deal follows the opening of talks for the UK to become a member of the CPTPP Pacific trade group. The likelihood of Britain joining NAFTA is an attempt to secure a tariff-reduction deal as new barriers have been erected to trade with the EU with Brexit.

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