Sterling’s major weakness in the near future is a potential weakening in risk sentiment which will also weigh on global stock markets, hitting risk-correlated currencies. According to analysts, global risk sentiment will remain one of the key external drivers of the UK currency. At the same time, if global developments improve and equities stabilise, the pound will still need a boost from domestic factors such as stronger domestic data to recover some of its most recent losses. For the pound to continue to strengthen, the market will need to become convinced that the medium-term growth outlook for the UK economy is improving markedly. This would require some real productivity gains to be realised over the coming months and years.

While UK fundamentals have proven to be supportive, the global picture is very important for Sterling, especially when stock markets suffer, risk sentiment is low, and investors are usually spooked.

Risk appetite in global financial markets

Analysts have noticed a pattern emerging where the pound falls against the euro in times of risk off conditions. The pound commonly benefits from strong global growth, which has also been the case for the euro. When there is limited financial risk, investors tend to take more risks, therefore creating a “risk-on” situation. However, when there is uncertainty and high volatility, what is also called a “risk-off” environment, traders want to avoid risk and they sell their higher-yielding assets and move their funds to safe-haven currencies.

The euro as a risk-off currency

While the euro like the pound has been the beneficiary of positive market sentiment, more recently, this has changed, and it seems that the single currency benefits against the pound when global investor sentiment weakens. What this means, is that the euro has become a risk off currency.

  • Risk off currency

A risk off currency gains when stock markets decline as investors want to avoid risk and sell their risky assets.

  • Cyclical currency

The euro used to be seen as a cyclical currency but is much less now. Cyclical currencies such as the pound and AUD tend to appreciate when global economic growth is expanding, unlike the US dollar, the yen and Franc which are seen as safe havens.

The euro has benefited when stock markets are selling off and it has given the impression that is a safe-haven asset. According to research from HSBC, due to the low interest rate environment in the Eurozone, billions of cheap euros are borrowed, sold and repatriated into euros, creating demand on the currency and “establishing an impression that it is now a 'safe haven' asset during times of market stress.” Head of FX Research at HSBC Paul Mackel explained that this shift in the euro “comes down to the low growth, low rates environment that has become seemingly endemic in the region,” and is “a consequence of the ECB’s quantitative easing programme and shift to negative rates.” Mackel added that "Signs that rates may be lower for even longer could encourage these outflows to continue, or even exacerbate them.”

"For many years, the EUR was seen as a cyclical play, which benefited from strong global growth. However, the last decade or so has seen overseas asset accumulation outstrip inflows from foreign investors. This could start to change the way in which the EUR behaves,” Mackel said.  

Pound-Euro outlook

If you are a business exchanging pounds to euros or vice versa, it is beneficial to understand this dynamic and how risk sentiment and appetite affect the currency pair. For the pound then to appreciate against the euro, there will need to be improvement in global market conditions. If, on the contrary, global growth and markets are at risk, the euro could appreciate. The rapid spread of another Covid variant or any quick move by the Federal Reserve to withdraw its financial support are seen as major risks to the global economy and the pound in particular.

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The outlook for Sterling will remain at risk as market analysts are cautious for the UK currency, especially with the new week having started with further pound declines.

Bank of England policy meeting

While the pound has enjoyed gains in the beginning of the new year and until recently, analysts are slowly becoming more cautious following last week’s sharp decline with traders less confident in the currency. Therefore, traders will focus on this week’s Bank of England policy meeting on Thursday for some direction for Sterling. If the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee delivers a more hawkish than expected message then the pound could regain some of its recent losses against the US dollar, analysts believe. On Thursday, the Bank of England will provide their latest assessment on the UK economy but is not expected to take any action and it will leave interest rates unchanged. It will be in August’s policy report that any possible major changes in the Bank’s direction will be announced, and the market will focus on such expectations and whether economic recovery will drive the Bank to change interest rates next year. If the Bank reveals any signs that it is going to move towards this direction, then the pound might be lifted by the end of the week.

Potential dangers for the pound

Some analysts believe that much of the positive news is already priced in and that the pound will be vulnerable to downside moves if economic data disappoints. It has also been noted that we should be more optimistic as the pound has responded rather well to economic data, but that currency risks are indeed real and could potentially hurt the pound. For example, there are currency risks related to the futures market as there are traders who are holding long positions—meaning they have purchased Sterling and are waiting for the currency’s price to go up—and when those positions are undone and the pound is sold, they will expose the pound to a fall.

There are also risks regarding the pound’s performance and the loss of momentum. The Sterling 2021 rally has now stopped, and this is a possible reason for concern.

Another possible reason for concern is the rising tensions between the UK and EU and a potential trade war about the Northern Ireland protocol. The EU has threatened the UK with tariffs on UK exports if Britain fails to implement the Northern Ireland protocol. Analysts remain cautious as discussions continue and further potential challenges arise. It was announced last week that the UK government requested from the EU the suspension of some elements regarding the Northern Ireland protocol until October, while they strive to reach an agreement on transporting chilled meat products from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. Any news regarding tensions between the UK and EU on the Northern Ireland protocol could trigger Sterling volatility.

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If you are a business transferring funds overseas, contacting a currency specialist could save you time and money. Get in touch with Universal Partners FX and their dedicated team to discuss the latest market movements ahead of your currency exchange. If you are transferring funds to pay your employees abroad, get in touch with Universal Partners FX to find out how much you can save in your international money transfers. Universal Partners FX can provide invaluable help on efficient risk management and tailored solutions to your business’ transfer needs.


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Ignore Rates (at least initially)

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Define Your Risk Appetite

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