International currency transfers can be easy and stress-free if your business has a plan and partners with a currency specialist right from the beginning. Whether you are a small business owner or a large business, if international currency transfers are an essential part of your operations, then a currency specialist will prove to be a valuable asset. From securing competitive exchange rates and providing risk management, a currency transfer firm such as Universal Partners FX will provide much-needed support and guidance.

Get more for your hard-earned money

One of the easiest ways to give your business a boost is by taking advantage of competitive exchange rates and securing the best possible return for your international currency transfers. If you plan ahead and lock a desired exchange rate for a future transfer or benefit from a current exchange rate, you will be able to save money and invest your funds in other assets or in developing your business further. This is the case when you send large amounts of money regularly overseas.

UPFX can help you access the best possible exchange rates available with no hidden fees or extra costs.

Know the markets

The markets are constantly changing and for this reason you want a stable and reliable currency transfer company to act efficiently and provide the best exchange rates, as these can change drastically from one moment to the next and from one day to another. One of the valuable and beneficial services UPFX provides, is its news articles on currency movements and how economic data may affect the pound or other major currencies. These regular updates are useful as they can provide a good picture of how the markets are and what could potentially influence them.

Online platform

With UPFX’s online platform, you can trade from anywhere and at any time, through your computer or mobile device. Currency transfers have never been this easy. In a fast world, where convenience is paramount, we have tried to cater to all our customers and provide services that make a difference and save you time and money. If you are regularly transferring funds for your business this is a perfect way to do so.

Security of funds

When we transfer your funds, we pay the utmost attention and provide fast and secure transfers. As a regulated firm we adhere to specific rules and regulations. We always protect your funds by operating segregated accounts.

Dedicated team of experts

We are always on hand to offer help and guide your through the process of transferring your funds. If you’re not sure about how to tackle your business’ payments, our currency experts will discuss with you and review your business’ needs and requirements, explain which currency transfer options would best suit your company and deliver tailored solutions and payment plans. They can also help identify areas where you could streamline processes and manage risks more efficiently.

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If you are making international money transfers, you will need a cost-effective and secure way to do so. Universal Partners FX is the right partner for your foreign exchange. With UPFX, you can open a multi-currency account, send and receive money worldwide with low and transparent fees. You can also manage your money and send international payments 24/7 through UPFX’s easy-to-use online platform powered by Currency Cloud.

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Sterling fell against the US dollar following global stock markets’ plunge. The fall was driven by a sell-off in Chinese shares, which dampened risk sentiment and led to increased trading of the US dollar ahead of a US Federal Reserve policy meeting.

Risk-averse market sentiment

As we have seen recently, the pound is sensitive to how global markets are fairing as well as how the pandemic is progressing. According to some analysts, the pound could find support if cases continue to fall, especially since data on Monday showed that new Covid-19 cases in Britain had fell for five consecutive days. Market analysts have suggested that the pound’s fall was mainly driven by nervous and risk-averse market sentiment due to the sell-off of Chinese tech stocks. Risk trades have been hit as a result and so has the pound.

For investors, a lot will depend on the two bank meetings coming up: the two-day Fed meeting later on Tuesday, and the Bank of England meeting next week. The BoE’s interest-rate setter Gertjan Vlieghe while speaking in an event explained that the the central bank should not cut back its stimulus before 2022, as the recent rise in inflation is temporary while Covid-19 poses a significant risk to growth.

Covid-19 declines offer a boost

Earlier on Tuesday, the pound got a boost after the number of new positive cases fell significantly. Investors will expect to see more statistics about the numbers of cases and deaths before they can make informed decisions.

The recent rising cases had an impact on economic data which showed that the economy was growing at a slow pace as businesses complained about the rising cases and employees self-isolating after coming in close contact with someone who had been tested positive. The ongoing pandemic and the risks posed by it have confirmed that it is perhaps too soon for the Bank of England to raise interest rates, as it needs to continue its financial support rather than tighten its programme. The rise of the Delta variant of Covid-19 combined means that the bank needs to continue offering support to the economy.  

If Covid cases continue to fall then the pound could find support. The UK has also acted as a test case, and it remains to be seen whether its decision to reopen its economy has been the right one. Nonetheless, analysts argue that data has shown that the UK economy does not depend on the virus and that vaccines are working. If the country does succeed to beat the Delta variant, without its economy being massively affected with further restrictions, then their example could be followed by other economies. This could further help the pound which is influenced by global sentiment.

If you are a business transferring funds overseas, contacting a currency specialist could save you time and money. Get in touch with Universal Partners FX and their dedicated team to discuss the latest market movements ahead of your currency exchange. If you are transferring funds to pay your employees abroad, get in touch with Universal Partners FX to find out how much you can save in your international money transfers. Universal Partners FX can provide invaluable help on efficient risk management and tailored solutions to your business’ transfer needs.


Sustainability is a hot topic in the finance world, starting several years ago when many of the larger banks were pressured to move away from oil and gas and move towards the low-carbon economy. Having now seen the positive environmental impact that came from enforced COVID-19 lockdowns, there is now a call for sustainability to be a key component of the economic recovery. Transferring billions internationally on behalf of our clients, we have noticed a shift in where this money is going and what it is facilitating to suggest that a greener economy is achievable. As always, exchange rates can play a pivotal role in the growth of new industries that rely on international investment or global supply networks,

Solar Energy

Prior to 2008, solar cells and panels were mostly sourced from Europe, but since the market became more saturated the majority are now imported from China, Malaysia and Taiwan. These countries have notable world-leading solar farm projects, but a lot of the new projects are taking place in developing countries in Asia, South America and Africa.

As well as importing the technology and components, developing countries also rely on overseas investment from larger economies like the US to kick start projects. However, the risk associated to a certain currency may affect the confidence of the investor, therefore currency hedging becomes a crucial factor in the planning stage to ensure the investor is protected. In 2013, the sharp decline of the Indian Rupee meant that US investors lost significant profits on renewable energy projects.

Since 2016, we have seen a growing number of new clients being involved in renewable energy projects around the world, not to mention the emergence of flat-pack homes which are designed with solar panels. It was even suggested recently that flat-pack homes could be the answer to the affordable housing shortage in the UK. With developments like these we expect to see a continuation of the trend In the last 4 years, where the percentage of total FX volume attributed to renewable energy and sustainability projects has risen five fold, resulting in FX volume of over £137 million.

The Lithium Age

At the start of 2019 the growth of Electric Vehicles (EV) was highly anticipated. New climate agreements and legislation seemingly pointed towards the EV revolution. As the batteries in electric vehicles rely on lithium, this led to a surge in production ready for sales of EV to kick-off and even had some people asking 'Is lithium the new gold?' However, it didn't quite materialise as the slow-down of the EV market led to over-production and depreciation. Now, midway through 2020 it seems that lithium could be back in the spotlight.

Chile and Argentina - with their salt plane brine deposits - are two of the biggest Lithium producers in the world, alongside Australia and of course China, who rely heavily on Lithium for their vast electronics manufacturing operations. Since the start of the year we have taken on a number of clients who are directly or indirectly involved in importing lithium to the UK or producing the batteries for EV. We have seen over £20 million this year already, which is more than the whole of 2019.

UPFX and our pride in sustainability

With a passion for what we do, we not only want to help our clients but we also want to leave a positive impact on the world in general. With some of the largest banks starting to take a lead on sustainability, we also want to do our bit to ensure that the transition to a greener economy can continue apace. Along with thorough money laundering checks, our team also like to know that the transfer meets our sustainability requirements.

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The uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic has certainly affected exchange rates and increased currency volatility. However, the US Dollar is a safe-haven currency, like CHF and JPY, which means traders have turned towards the USD during the crisis, causing it to move higher. In the short term the outlook for the USD appears to be positive. In the long term, though, the currency is seen as dropping, according to recent analyses. But let’s see more closely what is happening to the USD.

Short-term outlook

For many economists, the buying of safe-haven currencies due to the coronavirus will continue in the coming weeks and will strengthen the dollar. Already, the greenback has been steadily rising through 2020, but rose even higher, outperforming its major peers as global governments struggled to contain the virus, enforcing strict lockdown measures that have unavoidably hurt their economies.

Eventually though, in the longer term, the dollar will decline, according to Georgette Boele, senior FX strategist at Dutch investment bank ABN AMRO. Referring to the dollar’s outperformance, Boele said: "Do we expect this trend to continue? In the near-term (up to 3 months) yes, on the longer-term no.” The dollar will possibly rise higher, the Dutch bank predicts, because traders are overoptimistic about how quickly global economies will recover. Once it is realised how badly global markets have been hit, another wave of selling riskier assets and buying “safer” ones such as the USD will be triggered. As Boele explains: "There is an enormous gap between the economic reality and what analysts forecast, on the one hand, and the optimism among investors for the second half of this year, on the other. This should support the U.S. Dollar as most liquid safe haven currency.”

For Boele, the Dollar will find support in the short term if there is a second wave of coronavirus cases, as investors turn again to safe havens.

Additionally, in terms of Sino-American tensions, any increase of anxiety regarding geopolitics will favour the USD.

While the dollar will not be falling any time soon, it is possible that with the easing of the lockdown measures and the risk of a global recession being averted, the greenback might experience downside pressure. 

Long-term outlook

This is why, as Boele asserts: "After macro and earnings disappointments in the next few months, later this year investors could start to look forward to a strong and durable recovery in 2021. Therefore, over the medium term, investors will shy away from safe haven currencies such as the US dollar and Japanese yen and be open for alternatives.”

As economic conditions improve, the dollar could possibly lose momentum. The US Federal Reserve’s QE programme which has increased dollar supply to respond to the coronavirus pandemic will also add to the dollar’s potential woes. Boele said: "Because of the unlimited QE by the Fed, there is already some more confidence in financial markets. As soon as safe haven demand fades, the Dollar will decline. The QE is simply too large for the Dollar to ignore.”

How UPFX can help

If you are selling or buying dollars and are concerned with transferring your hard-earned money, then you can reach out to Universal Partners FX. Their dedicated foreign exchange currency specialists can offer valuable insights into the markets and tailor their services to your specific needs, protecting your funds from unpredictable currency movements. If you want to discuss your FX needs or make a transfer, please get in touch with Universal Partners FX.

Transferring Money To A Foreign Bank Account

Whether you’re looking to purchase a property overseas, pay international bills or are interested in foreign investment, one thing that is pretty much standard for all of these things is that you will have to send money abroad and most likely will need to transfer the funds to a foreign bank account.

To begin transferring money to a foreign bank account with Universal Partners FX, follow these simple steps:

  • Sign-up for a personal account or business account
  • Log-in to check our live exchange rates and secure a quote for your currency transfer
  • Submit the details of your bank and the foreign bank account you’d like to transfer the money to
  • Finalise and submit your transaction

Yes, transferring money to a foreign bank account with us is really that easy. You can choose to set-up a single or recurring transaction through our online money platform, providing you with fast and secure money transfers.

Why choose Universal Partners FX?

When a person needs to send funds abroad, they will typically head down to their bank and start the process there as it seems the most convenient way to do so. Unfortunately, despite the convenience that banks offer, they often charge higher margins above the daily exchange rate to account for risk as well as adding a substantial transfer fee. By choosing Universal Partners FX to transfer your money to a foreign bank account you gain access to several benefits, including:

  • Receiving a quote for your transfer based on live exchange rates at a decreased margin that banks typically offer
  • Swift, secure transfers that allow your money to arrive at its destination safely
  • Take advantage of our currency transfer services such as spot transactions where you are able to target a specific exchange rate
  • 24/7 customer support from one of our foreign exchange experts
  • Access to our innovative online money platform

As well as providing a more cost-effective and supportive method of transferring money to a foreign bank account, we also offer access to a range of risk management strategies such as forward contracts and hedging plans that help to protect you against volatile market fluctuations.

Making your life easier

When you choose to send money abroad, it can often be quite a confusing process with so many names and different banking codes needed to complete a transaction. That’s why by choosing Universal Partners FX instead of a typical foreign exchange provider, you are able to complete your overseas transfer in a simple way that’s easy to understand. Our online registration can be completed in just a few minutes and will guide you through the entire process so that you know exactly what information is needed to ensure your transfer goes through successfully.

Just a few steps away

Once you’ve signed up for an account with us and it is active, you are then able to send your funds to us to transfer to a foreign bank account of your choice. The entire process usually takes 1-5 business days depending on the country you’re transferring to and the currency pairing. Whether it’s for personal or business reasons, you shouldn’t think twice about choosing Universal Partners FX when transferring money to a foreign bank account.

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Why Does Politics Impact Currency Exchange Rates

Why Does Politics Impact Exchange Rates?

When it comes to factors that impact global currency rates, political influence sits pretty high on the list of contributors.

In fact, political events are actually one of the very biggest influences on foreign exchange, with the ability to transform currency value in an instant.

So, how and why does politics impact currency rates - and how do you protect yourself against this?


Political Factors That Influence Currency

A currency value is influenced by much more than just interest rates and inflation, and even the savviest of financial experts can find themselves caught off-guard when it comes to political influence on a currency.

As such, knowing how politics works in relation to foreign exchange can be a helpful insight to have. To help get you started, here are a few of the most common political factors that influence currency rates.


Political Stability

A country that is at low risk of political unrest poses a far more attractive proposition to foreign investors. As a result, political stability can have a dramatic effect on currency rates. Protests and serious inquiries into government conduct can destabilise the economy and weaken the currency.



Despite the fact that they occur in virtually every country across the globe, an election can have an impact on currency value as they too can be perceived as a sign of impending political uncertainty. Tightly contested elections with candidates with wildly different economic policies can cause a great deal of uncertainty for investors from overseas. As these events are foreseeable, a lot of businesses set up forward contracts if they think that the election result could hurt the value of relevant currencies.


Government Debt

While substantial national spending is a necessary evil in the pursuit of funding economy stimulating projects and government activities, large public debt can act as a deterrent to foreign investment.

If a country gets itself into sizeable national debt without a realistic plan on how to handle it, the risk of defaulting is high and can negatively affect the value of its currency, thus impacting the exchange rate.


Trade Terms

In its most basic form, terms of trade highlight the relationship between import costs and export price, related to the country’s current account and balance of payments.


Political Conflict

Political conflict and war can be devastating to a country in a myriad of ways and the economy is far from exempt.


Global Pandemics

In the event of a disease spreading across borders, the impact to the economy and currency rates would be huge, particularly if the spread was serious enough for industries to shut down and lockdowns were imposed, should that be the political decision to do so.


Not All Doom and Gloom

It’s worth noting that, even in the event of a political issue causing a currency decline, the chances of that decline remaining in its depreciated state are unlikely. In currency timing is key, and expert guidance is a great way to protect your business or make sure that your foreign payments are made at a time that maximises value. Risk management tools are designed o offer layers of protection against political events.


For more information on political influence on currency, why not get in touch today? Speak with one of our experts by calling 020 7190 9559 now or drop us an email by clicking the button below.

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Exchange rates are the price of foreign currency that an amount of one currency can buy e.g. one-pound sterling. An increase in the value of the sterling means one pound can buy an increased amount of foreign currency, meaning you are getting more for the same amount of money. Businesses that import and export goods need to pay close attention to these exchange rates as the value of goods are highly sensitive, chopping and changing with the constant fluctuations. Businesses that trade domestically must also be aware of changes in exchange rates as they will have an indirect impact by virtue of the wider economy. So, how exactly do exchange rates affect a business? We will look at some examples below and click here to see how your business can stay protected.


Selling overseas

If you run a business that sells products or services to a country abroad, then a change in the exchange rate will have a direct impact on your bottom line. The force of the impact will be dependent on how invoices are issued. If invoices are submitted in the foreign currency, a risk remains where you will receive less money than expected if the exchange rate moves against you from the time the invoice as issued and date of payment. Issuing invoices in your local currency should have a lesser impact, as the overseas buyer must change their local currency into yours to make payment. You'll receive the full invoice amount regardless of where the exchange rate sits. The potential risk here is that your prices may become uncompetitive as a result of variations to the exchange rate, leading to lost market share against foreign competitors who do not have to include transactional exchange rate changes. 


Buying overseas

As with selling overseas, if your business contracts with a supplier from a foreign country, you become vulnerable to fluctuations in the exchange rate. For example, if you purchase goods from a supplier in China and payment of 300,000 Chinese Yuan for your next shipment is due in a month's time with an exchange rate of 8.74, your invoice would sit at £34,330.83 if paid today. However, in a month's time when the payment is due if the exchange rate has moved to 8.8, your invoice would change to £34,090.90, meaning you're paying £239.93 less for the same shipment of goods. Of course, if the exchange rate was to go the other way, you would have to pay more for the same amount of goods. Some businesses put forward contracts that fix exchange rates for a set period in place to help reduce the risk to the business.


Indirect impact

Changes in the exchange rate can also indirectly impact your business, even when you do not buy or sell goods and services overseas. For example, if you transport products around the country using delivery trucks and the cost of fuel is raised due to changes in the exchange rate, you will end up paying more for your shipments to be delivered. Exchange rate volatility can also have an effect on competition. Depreciation of your local currency makes the cost of importing goods more expensive, which could lead to a decreased volume of imports. Domestic companies should benefit from this as a result of increased sales, profits and jobs.


Universal Partners FX are an FCA regulated foreign exchange service, offering a range of products that can help protect your business. We are listed by the UK Government's Crown Commercial Service as a recommended FX provider, so if your business is in need of professional and expert advice for dealing with exchange rates, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our foreign exchange experts today. Alternatively, visit our business foreign exchange page to learn more about how we can help you.