Buying your home in Spain is a dream come true, but there are many important things to consider when it comes to buying and transferring funds from the UK to Spain. Since buying a property involves taking into account the actual price of the home as well as any related costs such as paying taxes and fees, which can be as high as 8 and 15%, it is vital that you consider your finances, minimise your expenses and have a solid plan with a forex broker.

Costs to consider

It is important to work out your budget for buying your property, taking into account all of the related costs. One of the first things to consider is the property transfer tax which is around 10% of the purchase price and every region in Spain sets its own one. For example, in Andalucía, a property that costs up to €400,000 will have a property transfer tax of 8%, whereas over that and up to €700,000, you will have to pay 9% or 10% if the property costs over €700,001. But this is not all. When you buy a home or a plot of land, you have to register with the land registry, so you get your deeds. The fee for this can be €500.00 for a property of €100,000.

When you are signing your contracts and buying property this is conducted in the presence of a notary who will also charge a fee to verify the documents and the act taking place. Again, the notary fees depend on the price of a house, so for a €100,000 property, you will need to pay €800.00 for fees.

When you are buying, you will also need a solicitor to represent you and whose fees will be around 1% of the purchase price. Also, you will have to pay the commission of the estate agent, if there is one, and it is usually included in the property price.

How to Save Money

As always, getting some extra help from experts could relieve some stress and save you money. A very useful thing to do is contact an estate agent who knows the area you want to buy in well and who can give you more insight, help you understand market prices and explain the process of negotiating a price further. They might save you a lot of money by explaining the right price for a specific purchase and help you have the upper hand in the negotiations by providing valuable background on the purchase.

Additionally, someone who speaks the language and who can explain the process, such as a lawyer who can act on your behalf and elucidate complex legal issues, is a great asset. They will be able to point out things to watch and avoid such as illegal property building or planning which might cost you money to resolve later.

Paying with cash is always a great advantage as you can pay less and is something to consider if you are willing to do so.

A useful point to consider is paying for a survey of the property to make sure there aren’t any underlying problems and ensure that the structure of the house is solid, otherwise, if there are issues you can negotiate a lower price or save yourself the trouble and money.

Use a currency specialist

Transferring sterling to euro can cost you bank fees. To avoid unnecessary expenses, it is wise to use a currency transfer specialist such as UPFX that they can transfer funds for your purchase. Not only will they offer you competitive exchange rates, but they will make sure that your funds are protected from currency fluctuation.

When you are buying, it is good to consider buying offseason, negotiate the price and get a special deal and be open to change your requirements and find something that is much cheaper. You might be surprised at the opportunities you might find when taking a step back and looking at locations or properties you may have not considered before.

If you are a British buyer, and want to secure a strong investment opportunity, now is the time to get in touch with your currency broker. A currency specialist such as Universal Partners FX can help you navigate the current market while taking into consideration your specific needs, goals and your budget.

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