Brexit is back in the picture, as there are talks of a potential trade war between the UK and EU over the coming days after both sides failed to reach agreement on the Northern Ireland protocol. The EU has threatened to impose sanctions on UK exports to Northern Ireland if it fails to implement the terms of the Northern Ireland protocol next month. If things escalate, the pound will also be affected, as it usually falls when concerns around Brexit rise.

EU press conference

On Wednesday, UK and EU officials met in an attempt to resolve any disputes over trade rules for Northern Ireland. In the EU press conference following talks with Lord Frost on Northern Ireland protocol, Maroš Šefčovič, the vice-president of the European Commission who serves as the EU’s lead on post-Brexit negotiations with the UK, said that fundamental gaps remained in the UK’s implementation of the deal. On the Northern Ireland protocol, both sides agreed in 2019 this was the best solution to protect the Good Friday agreement. In December last year some solutions were agreed, including grace periods and exemptions in areas where the UK was not ready to implement the protocol. But he highlighted that “we cannot undo the core of the protocol”, as there are still “numerous and fundamental gaps” in the UK’s implementation of the deal.

He also confirmed that the EU could take retaliatory action. Šefčovič says the EU is a peace project, and, as he said, he did not arrive with a list as he is looking for a solution. But he did confirm that the EU could impose tariffs on some UK goods if the Northern Ireland protocol was not implemented. The protocol is designed to prevent checks at the border with Ireland. So, the EU agreed to let the UK conduct these checks at the GB/NI border. The easiest thing would be for the UK to accept EU SPS standards. Nonetheless, Šefčovič says he has a good and honest relationship with Frost and believes in Frost’s “best intentions”.

How will the pound react?

If the relationship with Brussels breaks this could weigh on Sterling sentiment in the short-term. If the EU does take any retaliatory action, and tensions escalate, then the possibility of the UK losing access to the single market would raise significant risks for the UK economy and hurt the pound.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said: "The protocol was formed in a spirit of compromise, in challenging circumstances. It was not a finished solution... and we didn't expect the EU to take such a purist approach to it. We are working very hard to resolve these issues consensually. But the Prime Minister has always made clear we will consider all our options in meeting our responsibility to sustain peace and prosperity in Northern Ireland.”

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