If you are buying your dream home with a mortgage from a Spanish bank, you should be prepared as the process will take some time and banks will be extremely strict with having all documentation in place. Preparing early and having your mortgage in place, will make the process much easier and give you peace of mind.

Buying property

The bank in Spain will typically request that you submit specific documents with your application, although a dedicated person from the bank’s customer relations will help you throughout with your documents and make all the necessary arrangements.  It is usually expected that you will provide a copy of your passport, proof of address documentation such as a utility bill, an NIE certificate, if you are employed, they will need at least 2 of your last wage slips, your annual tax statement, and 2 annual tax returns, last 2 years annual accounts, an accountant’s or employer reference, credit report, last 3-6 months bank statements, mortgage or rental agreement relating to the main residence. Whatever they require, they will first assess it and then they might respond with potential questions. After this, they will offer you a provisional approval on the condition that your property is valued, and it corresponds to the amount you are asking. The valuation takes a week. The bank branch submits your application to their risk department for a final approval which will be provided in writing.

Building a house

A similar process is followed if you are building  a house, as the value of your land and projected costs for a house will be assessed and cross-checked by a professional surveyor who will visit the location and provide their valuation to the bank.  By this time, you will need to have had architectural plans approved by the building authority and have a general estimate of your overall costs, so you present the bank with a clear and realistic number. If you do not manage to do so, this will create delays and more paperwork, so it is good to have a clear communication with your bank from the start and understand what is needed. Whether you are signing your contract with the bank or an independent third party will evaluate your property, you will be required to cover the costs. This will also include any fees for lawyers, especially if you do not speak the language, as the bank will arrange for a lawyer to be present to translate any papers you need to sign.

Total costs

The total costs of buying a property with a mortgage could be around 3%, as you will have to pay an arrangement fee (1% of loan as standard), valuation fee (approx. €500.00) and mortgage stamp duty (around 1.1%).

The interest rates in Spanish banks are attractive and relatively low, with an average rate around 2.75%. It is important to consider that banks now might offer a loan that covers only 60% (non- residents) to 80% (residents) of the purchase price or of the appraised value of the property (the lowest value prevails).

When buying a finca or rural property the maximum mortgage will be 60%. The rest you will have to finance yourself with your own resources, whether that means you need to increase your mortgage in your home country or with personal savings.

Spanish banks also take into account your family situation, whether you rent your home or have your own property, number and age of children, type of work, income, etc.

When applying for a mortgage in Spain, banks will look at the relation between your income and debt to assess your situation and decide how much you are able to pay per month. For example, the bank will consider around DTI of 30-35% (up to 40%) and for non-residents, the accepted DTI will be 25-35%.

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