Getting Married Abroad

Did you now that the average cost of a wedding in the UK is between £25-30,000? It comes to no surprise then, why so many more people are choosing to get married abroad. In comparison to the UK, the average cost of getting married abroad can be up to a whopping £14,000 cheaper. Saving that amount of money, on top of spending a week away with your closest friends and family in the sun, sand and sea is more than enough reason for any couple to consider ditching Britain and taking their big day overseas. So, the questions that come next are usually how much does getting married abroad cost and how do you pay for it? Let’s take a look.

The cost of getting married abroad

We obviously can’t give you a definitive answer to how much your wedding will cost if you choose to wed overseas. This will all come down to the destination you choose, how big and extravagant you’re willing to go and of course, the exchange rate. With foreign exchange rates constantly fluctuating, the costs involved with your wedding are going to change. From venue hire, wedding planner fees and even flights, all of these wedding essentials are likely to be more or less expensive depending on worldwide markets. But there’s no need to worry, this is where we can step in and lend a helping hand with our foreign exchange expertise.

Paying for your wedding abroad

Whether you’re looking to make regular international payments or a one-off money transfer, Universal Partners FX can help you save time and money with our safe and secure online payment platform. Simply sign-up for a personal account today, where you will be assigned an experienced account manager who can guide you through each of useful tools and services that we offer to make paying for your wedding easy and hassle-free. Such as targeting the desired exchange rate to make a payment when it suits you, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds and leaving you with more money to spend on the honeymoon.

Our forward contracts allow you to secure a particular exchange rate for up to two whole years, meaning you will receive the same rate throughout this time, regardless of any fluctuations. Leaving you to spend more time thinking about and planning your wedding, instead of checking the exchange rates every day.

We are here to help you

Whether you’re looking to book a picturesque beach wedding abroad or are planning a more traditional wedding at home, Universal Partners FX is always here to ensure your financial and foreign exchange needs are looked after most professionally and helpfully. An online account with us guarantees 24/7 access no matter where you are in the world, reliable and expert advice from experienced professionals as well as a safe and secure service that you can trust. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the UPFX team today to take the first steps to getting married abroad.

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