The possibility of striking a Brexit deal before the weekend has helped to stabilise the pound as it recovered some ground, on Thursday. However, tensions are building ahead of the weekend as talks continue. This means that any Brexit-related headlines will create pound volatility and move the market considerably.

The clock is ticking

While markets are hopeful that a deal will be reached, the fact that the clock is now ticking with little space for manoeuvres means that the pound will remain sensitive. The Telegraph reported that Barnier told EU ambassadors that the UK has become more flexible and lowered its demands in regard to UK waters post-Brexit, demonstrating that the two sides are closer to an agreement. Fisheries and governance remain unresolved, with the latter to be negotiated once all other agreements are settled. Talks could now focus on the percentages involved in fisheries, but France might prove to be uncompromising on its fishing demands. According to The Telegraph, "Fishing nations such as France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain fear Mr Barnier may cave too easily to British demands as talks enter their endgame. Paris insists the UK red line of annual fishing negotiations is unacceptable.” France has already clarified that it will veto any deal that goes against their interests.

A report in The Times said that "France and other hard-line countries are pushing for no deal in Brexit talks to soften up Britain before a reset in negotiations next year, unless the government makes significant concessions in the coming days," and unless the UK "backs down over the next 48 hours", a period of 'no deal' will "bring a chastened Britain back to the table next year".

The BBC's Europe Editor Katya Adler said that Brussels believe a deal will be possible in the event that the UK makes significant steps to meet the demands regarding fisheries, competition rules and governance.

Talks continue in London

Negotiations are at the final stages, but it appears that any last hurdles will require, maybe not divine intervention, but at least some help from leaders from the UK, EU Commission and France. Both Wednesday and Thursday, saw negotiators working well into the night for the final push.

On Friday, The Telegraph reported that talks will find Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron coming head to head this weekend, with France interested in securing access to fish in British waters.

According to certain sources, Macron's officials have been "lobbying hard" among different member states to agree to added demands on fishing, state subsidies and non-regression clauses, and these will be discussed by both the PM and the French president over the weekend.

EU member states could also veto any deal as they continue to have concerns about state aid mechanisms and how to enforce agreed environmental and labour standards. France and Denmark are reluctant to lose their fishing shares in UK waters.

Indeed, there is not much time left now, as negotiations continue and the upcoming EU leaders’ meeting on 10 and 11 December 10-11 means that a final deal needs to be ready to be agreed. Sterling will make significant gains if a deal is announced in the coming weeks and it could potentially continue to rise.


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