If you are a business that needs to pay your employees and suppliers abroad or convert income from overseas, you must have used the services of a bank or a currency specialist to do so. Using a currency specialist such as Universal Partners FX comes with certain benefits that your everyday banking institution cannot possibly deliver. From saving you money in unnecessary fees as well as securing a competitive exchange rate, UPFX’s dedicated team can relieve you of the burden of worrying about the exchange rate eating into your finances. A currency specialist will always provide a more thorough service than any bank can, and the overall winner is the client - getting better rates and more in depth insights.

If you want to make the right decisions and get the very best value when operating in the currency market, here are a few tips to consider.

Plan Ahead

Many businesses make the mistake of dealing with their foreign payments on a day-by-day basis. This opens you up to a huge amount of currency risk as the rate can fluctuate wildly from one to day to the next. At Universal Partners FX, we always help clients plan ahead by assessing their currency risk for the next 12 or even 24 months against the current rates. A strategy like this devised by an expert who will monitor the market can start saving thousands after just a few months.

Ignore Rates (at least initially)

This might sound illogical, but rates are not the most important thing when devising a strategy for your business to get the best value on foreign exchange. Choosing a provider based on their lower rates may yield dividends initially, but what happens when rates move? Like anything, price doesn't tell the whole story. Look out for the array of services that enable you to be flexible when the inevitable movements occur in the market. A spot contract can help you secure an excellent exchange rate at the moment you want to make an instant transfer, but you can budget effectively and protect your business from unexpected market volatility by fixing an exchange rate in advance with a forward contract. UPFX also offers stop loss and limit orders when you want to target a specific exchange rate. A limit order enables you to make a transfer at your desired and predetermined rate when the market reaches that level. A stop loss order is also perfect when you want to protect your funds against an unexpected currency drop by setting a predetermined worst-case rate. These are off-the-shelf products, but every business is different so we always tailor our strategies to suit the needs of each client individually.

Define Your Risk Appetite

As well as limiting risk, our services can also do much more than that. For businesses that have a higher risk appetite, our currency hedging solutions can enable businesses to profit from positive market fluctuations. Of course, this comes at a risk - but if you are in a saturated market where competitive advantage is everything, these strategies can not only protect your business, but also provide extra value that you can pass on to your customers. So before you embark on any strategy, it is important for you or your foreign payment provider to consider what risk level is appropriate for your business to cope with. 


If your business requires currency services to boost your bottom-line profits, UPFX’s dedicated customer support team or your personal account manager will explain everything you need to know about making foreign transfers effectively. You can also use our simple and user-friendly online platform to transfer your funds in a fast, secure and affordable way. Get in touch now with Universal Partners FX and find out how you can get the best possible value from the currency market.