In February 2022, Universal Partners FX announced their partnership with ABTA, the UK's leading network of travel businesses.

Principally, this underlines our commitment to the travel industry which has been through a torrid time over the past 2 years. As the industry looks set to recover this year, we are more determined than ever to support tour operators, airlines and travel agents through this next phase where 'pent up demand' is likely to see a sudden influx of bookings.

Whilst this is undoubtedly welcome news for the industry, it is also occurring at a particularly volatile time as the pandemic fades but geo-political tensions threaten to overspill into what could be a global conflict.

As a result, travel businesses are susceptible to currency volatility which could seriously undermine their recovery if the right strategy is not implemented.

Working with ABTA is above all else an honour for Universal Partners FX, knowing that our credentials and profile are at a level at which they feel we can add real value to their members. This sentiment was certainly at the forefront of what our Chairman, Dhaval Patel had to say:

"I am absolutely delighted to have partnered with ABTA as this has been a goal for some time. Travel is something we hold dearly here at Universal Partners FX, not just because it is vital for international business, but also because on a personal level we firmly believe it is essential to our development and understanding of the world we live in. ABTA members can be assured that they are getting the most hard-working and dedicated team imaginable, along with some of the finest FX analysts in UK. We will bend over backwards to ensure travel businesses can protect themselves from currency risk and enjoy a well earned period of success."

If you are a travel business wishing to simplify your international payments process or eliminate currency risk, you can get in touch via our website or by calling 0207 190 9559.