In great news for her personally and for the company one of our senior account managers, Gabriella Banasiewicz, has become a finalist for the Women in Finance award at the upcoming Women's Business Awards for her achievements in Foreign Exchange.

The Women's Business Awards celebrates the best businesswomen across the country and has become one of the most hotly contested and highly desirable awards in the UK. Gabriella is one of 11 finalists that remain in the running in her category, which in itself is a great achievement.

However, we want to push to go one step further and help her win this award as it would be thoroughly deserved. Colleagues, clients and all those that have encountered Gabriella can help her win this award by casting your vote.

Click the link below to vote. Once you have clicked the link, make sure you select Women in FINANCE as the award category.




Below is a statement from Dhaval Patel, co-founder and director of UPFX:

"Coming in at a young age, Gabriella joined our FX training programme, learning everything there is to know about currency markets and how to manage large FX volumes on behalf of businesses. This process usually takes a minimum of 5 years, but Gabriella has completed this process in half of that.

With an effortless ability to attract clients along with the hard work and dedication to retain them, she is a key member of our firm. Gabriella now manages over £100M on behalf of her clients all whilst managing her own team, providing them 8 hours of financial markets training every week.

This amazing performance along with her honesty and transparency means she is on track to become part of the board at Universal Partners FX. We feel very lucky to have her on board, knowing that she promotes what we stand for as a company in each and every client interaction.

This level of success is already hugely impressive, but to do so in an industry which is traditionally male-dominated makes it even more so.

Gabriella is not only a great asset to us, but also a brilliant role model to young, aspiring females."


We wish Gabriella all the best in her quest to win the Women in Finance award, due to be announced on 2nd December 2021 in an online awards ceremony.