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When we seek a partner, our main aim is to prove our worth and show the difference our services can make in the short and long term to you and your clients.

Whether it be bottom-line profits or saving time and resources, we always aim to make a big impact. The size of the company or the nature of the industry doesn’t matter – if you make international payments then we can help. Through referrals, we hope to start making a big difference within your industry.

Through partnerships, we dedicate ourselves to knowing the ins and outs of the industry providing foreign exchange expertise tailored to your industry.
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Our Affiliates

Timber Trade Federation (TTF)
The TTF is the voice of the Timber industry with its members including timber importers, merchants, agents and manufacturers. The members account for 80% of a £10 billion industry.

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Timber Trade Federation
Protected Trust Services
Protected Trust Services (PTS)
Established in 2006, PTS has become a leading solution for UK travel firms to sell to UK consumers. They offer an independent trust account for travel businesses such as tour operators and travel agencies.

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currency exchange upfx
British Bulgarian Business Association (BBBA)
A dynamic professional network providing a platform to facilitate dialogue and business between members in UK and Bulgaria.

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British Bulgarian Business Association
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