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Why use Universal Partners FX for your personal foreign exchange?

Whatever the reason for your transfer, by using our service you can make sure you get the best possible exchange rates. We process your transaction on the same day and don’t charge any transaction fees.
Bank Beating

Exchange Rates

We use independent sources to find the best possible rates for you.

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Market Professionals

Expert Market

Every client gets a personal account manager who helps you get value with every trade.

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Customer Service

5-Star Customer Service

Putting customers at the heart of everything we do, we ensure satisfaction on every transfer.

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Buying Property Abroad
Save money on your deposit or avoid volatility on your mortgage payments.
Transfer Money Overseas
Sending money to a relative, business or charity is easy using our online platform.

How personal foreign exchange transfers work

Register for free

Register for free

Our online sign up form is quick and easy.
Secure your exchange rate

Secure your exchange rate

Let us know which currencies you need and where you want to send them and we will come back with a live rate.
Send money

Send money

Once your payment is booked, we just need your funds sent to our segregated client account.
We make your payment

We make your payment

As soon as funds are received, we'll make your payment on the same working day.

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Products and Services

Expert market professionals
Spot Transactions
A transfer made at the current exchange rate. Can have a two-day settlement period and once you provide your beneficiary details, we can send the funds to any bank account in the world.
Target an exchange rate
Market orders
Set your target rate and we will monitor the market for you until that rate is hit. So when there is a sudden splash, no need to rush because your transaction is processed automatically.
Tailored hedging strategies
Forward contracts
If you worry about the exchange rates moving, a forward contract allows you to fix your rates for future payments, allowing you to ride even the most volatile currency waves.
Quick and easy
Online platform
Our platform is fast and easy, allowing you to manage your transfers 24/7, wherever you are.

Keep more of your money when you transfer with us

On a monthly basis, we use an independent company to check all the main high street banks and building societies to ensure our rates are always better.
Universal Partners FX versus high street banks

Comparing what you'd get when converting £10,000 to euros.

*Updated monthly
We offer great exchange rates and absolutely no transfer fees, so you’ll always know exactly how much you are paying when you choose us for your personal currency exchange.
*Please note this does not include the cost of you transferring your funds to Universal Partners FX Limited and any charges incurred from your destination bank.
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