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Passive Hedging

Our hedging strategies are created and carried out by our foreign exchange specialists who have an unmatched knowledge of the way the currency market works. They are designed bespoke to your business, to make sure you choose the best way to make international transfers in response to a changing market. Our hedging strategies protect your profit margins, cash flow, and trading abilities on an international scale. A predetermined level of financial stability is an invaluable investment for your board and your business. This is what our bespoke hedging programmes provide - cash flow certainty among unpredictability while keeping the level of risk to your business as low as possible.
Passive Hedging
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The Benefits of Currency Hedging

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Improve your financial stability by strategic planning above your cost price.
Secure your exchange rate
Capitalise on favourable market moves strengthening your profitability.
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Protect your business from unpredictable currency movements.
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Increased Control: Secure rates for up to two years in the future with forward contract in all major currencies.

How our foreign exchange risk management works

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Discuss with your qualified account manager your future exposure to the currency market by reviewing the size and frequency of your overseas transactions.
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Review your future objectives and we will tailor make a unique currency risk management strategy to suit your business requirements.
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Finalise your currency risk management strategy ensuring it meets your business objectives and is set above cost prices.
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We will help you execute your plan by keeping you up to date with the latest market insights and regular performance evaluations.
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