Our experts get to the heart of your business requirements helping you devise an FX strategy that helps minimise foreign exchange risk.

An in-depth currency audit and understanding the exact requirements, challenges and opportunities that your business face is the key to building the right FX risk management strategy for you.

The Benefits of Currency Hedging

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Improve your financial stability by strategic planning above your cost price.
Secure your exchange rate
Capitalise on favourable market moves strengthening your profitability.
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Protect your business from unpredictable currency movements.
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Increased Control: Secure rates for up to two years in the future with forward contract in all major currencies.

Hedging Strategies

Forward Contracts

Secure fixed exchange rates for future transactions by agreeing a forward contract. With a deposit required upfront, you are guaranteed your agreed exchange rates for the specified period.

This solution is ideal if you want to remove the factor of currency risk from your profit and loss accounts.

Market Orders

Market Orders are an effective way to get the best value from the market. By establishing your target rate, we monitor the market on your behalf and alert you when this rate is hit and process your transaction immediately.

This tool is perfect for when your transactions have less time pressure.

Active or Passive Hedging

Knowing your risk appetite and all of your business goals can help us tailor a more bespoke strategy to help you get even more value.

Hedging currency through Active Hedging can present opportunities to take advantage of positive fluctuations whilst leaving you slightly more exposed to risk – whereas Passive Hedging is safety-first, often removing currency risk entirely.

How our foreign exchange risk management works Only available if the reason for trade falls within the payment exclusions.

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Discuss with your qualified account manager your future exposure to the currency market by reviewing the size and frequency of your overseas transactions.
Secure your exchange rate


Review your future objectives and we will tailor make a unique currency risk management strategy to suit your business requirements.
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Finalise your currency risk management strategy ensuring it meets your business objectives and is set above cost prices.
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We will help you execute your plan by keeping you up to date with the latest market insights and regular performance evaluations.
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