Why individuals and leading businesses choose us to transfer their money:

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Make global payments with ease via our multi-channel payment routes ensuring your funds are always delivered in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible.
Payment Processing

Exchange more than 140+ currencies

We trade in over 140 different currency pairs so you can send your money to over 212 destinations with the best transfer rates and sure-fire bank transfer security.
Beneficiary Validation

Speed of funds

We use Swift Payment Technology which allows us to send your money via the faster payment network.


As soon as you have agreed an exchange rate you will receive an automated trade confirmation informing you of the exact amount and where to.
Official Banking Receipts

Trusted service

Whether you’re transferring money to Spain, Saudi Arabia or the USA, we offer competitive currency transfer rates and a loyal, trustworthy customer service giving you 100% assurance.
24/7 Access

Zero fees

All exchange transactions have zero fees. Please note this does not include the cost of you transferring your funds to Universal Partners FX limited and any charges incurred from your destination bank.
fx settlement

How it works

Register for free

Register for free

Complete our online registration form. It’s quick, easy and simple.
Secure your exchange rate

Secure your exchange rate

Simply tell us the currencies you need and tell us where it’s going. We’ll then quote you a live exchange rate so that you can book your payment.
Send your payment

Send your payment

Send us your funds via bank transfer and our payment service provider will make your payment as soon as funds are received on the same working day.
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