Our foreign exchange experts ensure you get the best rates and
your money is always safe.

There are a million reasons to send money abroad and when doing so, the main thig is that your money is secure at all times. Our online platform is 100% secure, fast and transparent giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

Reason for your transfer

Buying a property overseas
Secure competitive rates on your deposit for your dream home abroad.
Getting married abroad
Make your dream wedding stress-free with fast, zero-fee transactions.
International study
Pay education fees and support a loved one studying abroad.
Other reasons to send money overseas include retirement, sending money home or to support friends or family. All of these things are of great importance so you can count on us to handle your transaction with the care it deserves.
currency exchange
currency exchange upfx

How a transaction works:

Register for free

Register for free

You can register here and submit your details to us. Universal Partners FX treats all personal data with the strictest confidence.
Secure your exchange rate

Secure your exchange rate

Once your account has been authorised, simply call your personal account executive and they will quote you our best rates directly from our dealing floor.
Send money

Send money

Now you have agreed an exchange rate so will be sent an automated trade confirmation. Just send your funds and beneficiary details to us.
We make your payment

We make your payment

Our online currency broker will now take care of the rest. Swift Payments ensure funds arrive the same working day.
currency exchange
currency exchange upfx

What we can offer you:

120 countries

Spot Transactions in
over 120 countries

This allows you to take advantage of the prevailing exchange rate at any given time when buying a property overseas. It is then your choice to deliver the funds to a beneficiary according to your invoice.
Target a Rate

Target a Rate

By using our simple online tools you can get free alerts if the exchange rate moves to where you want it.
Transaction Fees

No Transaction Fees

We offer great exchange rates and absolutely no transfer fees, so you’ll always know exactly how much you are paying when buying a property abroad.
online Payment

Online Payment

Access your international payments account 24/7 for swift international transfers.
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