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Here at Universal Partners FX, we offer a straightforward and efficient system powered by Currency Cloud to make sending money to Australia as easy as can be. Committed to providing a great customer experience, we combine both fantastic rates and swift money transfers, to ensure you’ll never feel the need to look elsewhere. Dedicated to delivering an exceptionally efficient service, we're always on hand to transfer money to Australia on your behalf and will make absolutely certain that it arrives safely at its destination.

Why use us to send money to Australia?

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Multiple transactions

How to Send Money to Australia

Sending money to Australia can often seem a complicated process, which can put a lot of people off, but it doesn't have to be this way. That's why Universal Partners FX was formed. Aiming to provide a simpler, speedier, and cheaper way to transfer money to Australia, we've partnered with Currency Cloud who created a safe and secure online platform that allows you to transfer funds in just a few clicks.

The Benefits of Using Universal Partners FX

No matter how easy our service might be to use, we understand that it will take more than that to impress you, and luckily, we have lots to offer. ) TO "With our service providers sharing a professional relationship with global banks around the world, we can provide you with incredibly competitive exchange rates and a safe and secure transaction when you wish to transfer money to Australia.

How sending money to Australia works

Register for free

Register for free

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Secure your exchange rate

Secure your exchange rate

Simply tell us how much money you’d like to transfer to Australia. We’ll then quote you a live exchange rate so that you can book your payment.
Send your payment

Send your payment

Send us your funds via bank transfer and our payment service provider will make your payment as soon as funds are received.
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